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Every warehouse job profile informs on how to become one, what they do, type of workloads, education requirements, compensation pay, similar occupations in the warehouse field and possible work enviroments with employment in the warehouse industry projections.

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Dispensing Optician
Ophthalmologists and optometrists prescription fullfilment, customer service and eyeglass frame customer suggestions.

Job Workload
Employed at either a stand alone business or a major retail outlet selling glasses, contact lenses and accessories. Might become part of a group optometrist practice.

Dispensing Optician Requirements
High school diploma, GED and on the job training course. Certain states require license.

Annual wage compensation was $33K in 2017.

Employment Expectation
Seems that the aging population will fuel this occupation by a healthy 29% growth from now into 2020.

Security Guards and Gaming Surveillance Officer
The patrolling and inspection of commercial and high volume residential properties against theft and vandalism. First line of privately paid criminal defense.

Job Workload
Sometimes a physically challenging job with many hours on the feet, constant walking patrols and strenuously stressful nightime work enviroments in every facility known to man. Some areas require the carrying of firearm. Some computer skills needed to operate surveillance audio and video equipment.

Security Guard or Gaming Surveillance Officer Requirements
High school diploma or GED with state licensing for most states including criminal background check.

The median annual wage of security guards and gaming surveillance officers was $24,380 in May 2017.

Employment Expectation
As criminal activity pics up in economic downturns this occupation will grow by 18% from now into 2020.

Cargo and Freight Agent
Coordinating the flow of many shipments for transportation companies and businesses.

Job Workload
This is a full time work position mainly done from warehouses or distribution centers.

Cargo or Freight Agent Requirements
High school diploma and minimum managerial skills will get the job. Some computer skills and customer service on the job training is neccessary.

Basic annual income wage in 2017 was $37K.

Employment Expectation
A projected growth in this field is 29% from now into 2020.


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