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Every restaurant job profile informs on how to become one, what they do, type of workloads, education requirements, compensation pay, similar occupations in the restaurant field and possible work enviroments with employment in the restaurant industry projections.

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Chef and Head Cook
Often a kitchen staff management position consisting of oversight of food prep and quality.

Job Workload
Physically and mentaly draining job requiring hours in the early mornings, late evenings, weekends and holidays. Attendance in restaurants or private functions. The work is fast paced and a cool head is a must.

Chef or Head Cook Requirements
Some go to culinary colleges while many others work their way up through the ranks by hard work in the kitchen. Taste and smell are very neccesary to get to the top. Love of food is a must.

Annual wage of chefs and head cooks was $41K in 2017.

Employment Expectation
It all boils down to one simple projection, you have to strive to be the best, upscale establishments are always on the lookout and with money in hand for the top talent.

Dietitians and Nutritionists
Overall food nutrition experts who give advice to folks who wish to enjoy healthy lifestyle or a special physical achivement such as bodybuilding etc.

Job Workload
Private practice or hospitals, schools, nursing homes, fat camps and professional sport teams all welcome them.

Dietitian or Nutritionist Requirements
Bachelor degree and supervised training exercises. Some states require dietitians and nutritionists to be licensed.

Annual wage was $53K in 2017.

Employment Expectations
Increase of 20% from now into 2020.

Food Processors
Butchers and cutters of beef, poultry, and fish meat. Any operator meat processing machinery. Other processing of any food items or nonfood items for retail sale.

Job Workload
Cold or hot storage food processing while operating dangerous machinery such as packing houses or massive distributors. Strenuous physicaly demanding full time work.

Food Processing Worker Requirements
On the job training, while to become a butcher one needs a previous work experience.

Yearly wage was $24K in 2017 for food processors. Butchers are mostly self employed.

Employment Expectation
Increase by 12% from now into 2020. Population explosion mixed with international trade will increase demand for these workers much more.


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