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Every healthcare job profile informs on how to become one, what they do, type of workloads, education requirements, compensation pay, similar occupations in the medical field and possible work enviroments with employment in the healthcare industry projections.

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Medical and Health Service Manager
This job description is mainly involved with coordination of health and medical services, planning, directing and/or management of entire clinical and health care facilities comprising of many physicians and medical practices.

Job Workload
Mostly a white collar office setting located inside hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and other health care facilities

Medical or Health Services Manager Requirements
Bachelor degree at minimum, Master degree is optional and mostly set by each facility.

Annual work wage was $84K in 2017.

Employment Opportunity
A healthy growth of 22% for the next decade into 2020 driven by the large baby boom population retiring and remaining active into their later years, also a longer life expectancy will increase the need for all medical services.

EMT and Paramedic
This occupation falls into the category of first response emergency personel. It is a very high strung position responding to emergency calls, quick adrenaline transportation to hospitals with people's lives depending on their performance.

Job Workload
All weather all terrain work area requiring top physical form and able to perform under very stressful life or death situations with suffering patients.

EMT or Paramedic Requirements
Completion of formal training programs to be issued a state license. State requirements do vary by each state.

Annual working wage was an average of $30K in 2017.

Employment Opportunity
A 33% growth outlook is projected in this industry from now to 2020 fueled by larger populations entering their golden years.

Registered Nurse
Serving as front line educators about many health conditions, patient care and coordination while giving advice and being an emotional crutch to all.

Job Workload
There is not a medical facility in existence in the entire world that can function without a registered nurse. This position is desperately needed everywhere.

Registered Nurse Requirements
Take one of three educational paths to become a registered nurse: 1) Bachelor degree in nursing, 2) Associate degree in nursing, 3) Diploma from approved nursing program. Must also pass a national licensing examination.

Latest statistics show the annual wage earned was approximately $65K in 2017.

Employment Opportunity
With many nurses entering retirement age and shortages across many hospital facilities this job will grow by 26% for the next ten years into 2020. The demand most likely will continue to rise as many age.


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