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Human resources job profile informs on how to become one, what they do, type of workloads, education requirements, compensation pay, similar occupations in the human resources field and possible work enviroments with employment in the human resources industry projections.

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Human Resources Specialist
The process of recruiting, screening and interviewing potential work force. Placement of workers. Maintaining employee relationship, doing payroll and disbursement of benefits and on the job training.

Job Workload
Every industry employs them but many are concentrated in employment services, working for staffing and human resources firms. Traveling extensively to job fairs, college campuses. This is a full time job.

Human Resources Specialist Requirements
Bachelor degree, but mostly a high school diploma is sufficient for basic HR. Higher up employers might require applicants who have a bachelor degree while some may accept related work experience as a substitute for education.

Annual wage was $53K in 2017.

Employment Expectation
Growth of 21% from now into 2020. Job opportunities should be especially in the employment service industry.

Human Resources Manager
Plan, direct, and coordinate the administrative functions of a company. Oversight of recruiting, interviewing, and hiring of new staff. Executive consultation on strategic planning and serve as a vital link between management and employees.

Job Workload
Work in office full time. Some managers require traveling through company business structure.

Human Resources Manager Requirements
Combination of education and experience is needed. Bachelor degree is OK for most basic positions while the higher up require a master degree. Must have strong interpersonal skills.

Annual wage was $99K in 2017.

Employment Expectation
Expected growth of 13%. As companies expand their operations more human resources staff will be needed to administer future growth programs.

Social Service Assistant
Helping folks get through difficult times and find additional support. They also help other workers find benefits or community services.

Job Workload
Mostly working for nonprofit organizations, state and local governments and social service agencies. Full time work with nights and weekends when required.

Social Service Assistant Requirements
A high school diploma or GED, but some employers will only hire workers who have additional education or experience. Without additional education, advancement is limited.

Annual wage was $30K in 2017.

Employment Expectation
Growth of 28% from now into 2020. As our economy twists and turns the job prospects of heavy workloads cause many workers to cycle in and out of this occupation.


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