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Every engineering job profile informs on how to become one, what they do, type of workloads, education requirements, compensation pay, similar occupations in the engineering field and possible work enviroments with employment in the engineering industry projections.

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Petroleum Engineer
Serious design and development methods for extracting oil and gas from deposits below the earthís surface. Invention of new ways to extract oil and gas from older used wells.

Job Workload
Much of the work is done in offices and research laboratories. Much time will also be spent at drilling sites.

Petroleum Engineer
Bachelor degree in engineering, preferably in petroleum engineering. Employers also value work experience.

Annual wage was $114K in 2017.

Employment Expectation
Grow 17% from now till 2020 as oil prices determine employment growth in this field and the more complex extraction of oil will require more engineers for drilling operations.

Biomedical Engineer
Analyzation and design of solutions to problems of biological nature with the goal of improving the effective quality of patient care medicine.

Job Workload
Most hands on work is done at university labs, hospitals and research facilities and companies with medical teaching backgrounds or government regulation agencies. Usually a full time job.

Biomedical Engineer Requirements
Bachelor degree in biomedical engineering from an accredited program to enter the occupation. Alternatively, they can get a bachelorís degree in a different field of engineering and then get a graduate degree in biomedical engineering or get on the job training at biomedical engineering firm.

Annual wage was $82K in 2017.

Employment Expectation
Expected growth of 62% from now into 2020. As aging population is likely to need more medical care and because of increased public awareness of biomedical engineering advances and their benefits.

Environmental Engineer
Using chemistry to invent solutions for environmental trouble. Some of the ways they improve the enviromental impact of our existence is finding new ways of recycling, waste disposal, public health, and control of water poisoning and air pollution.

Job Workload
They work ia a variety of job locations because of nature. Building relationships by working with other engineers and urban and regional planners. Sometimes they are needed to be at construction sites.

Environmental Engineer Requirements
A bachelor degree in environmental, civil, chemical, or mechanical engineering. Practical experience is welcome by employers.

Annual wage was $79K in 2017.

Employment Expectation
Employment is projected to grow 22 percent from now well into 2020. Concerns regarding water cleanliness and waste should be the leading effort to increase water use efficiency.


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