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Computer and Information Systems Manager
Sometimes reffered to as information technology managers or IT managers, work to plan, coordinate, and direct computer activities within a company. Determine the IT goals of a business and implement the right computer systems to keep those goals.

Job Workload
Most IT managers are concentrated within computer design companies and firms. Full time work requirement.

Computer and Information Systems Manager Requirements
Bachelor degree in computer or information science plus related work experience. Graduate degree may be required.

Annual wage was $116K in 2017.

Employment Expectation
Projected growth of 18% from now well into 2020, driven by corporations upgrading their IT systems and switching to more efficient and faster mobile networks.

Computer Programmers
Code writing and creation of software programs. Turning program framework created by software developers into computer followed instructions.

Job Workload
Computer programmers usually work in offices, commonly in the computer systems design and information service industry.

Computer Programmer Requirements
Bachelor degree and specializing in multiple programming languages.

Annual wage was approx. $72K in 2017.

Employment Expectations
An increase of 12% from now into 2020 as large companies expand their reach worldwide.

Software Developer
The creative engine behind computer programs and games. Most develop applications that allow people to do specific tasks on a computer, run devices and control networks.

Job Workload
Multifaceted work either in system design and software publishing or inside the product manufacturing industry. Generaly full time job.

Software Developer Requirements
Bachelor degree in computer science and strong computer-programming skills.

Annual wage of applications software developers was $88K in 2017. Annual wage of systems software developers was $93K in 2017.

Employment Expectation
A growth of more than 30% from now into 2020 as the main reason for the rapid growth is increase of the demand for computer software.


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