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Every aerospace job profile informs on how to become one, what they do, type of workloads, education requirements, compensation pay, similar occupations in the aerospace field and possible work enviroments with employment in the aerospace industry projections.

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Aerospace Engineer
The overall design and complete function testing of airplanes, military aircraft, satellites, spacecraft, drones and some missiles.

Job Workload
Most work in private companies primarily designing and building public use aircraft. Some choose to work for the military designing craft for defense or space. The work compiles mostly of analysis, design, research and development.

Aerospace Engineer Requirements
A must have bachelor degree in aerospace engineering or similar field of engineering, or a field scientificaly related to aerospace systems. Some engineers work on top secret national defense projects and a background check is requered.

Annual wage of $97K in 2017.

Employment Expectation
New aircraft is being designed to enhance fuel efficiency and flight range. Entire airplane fleets are being replaced for better aircraft technology and the security clearance for this work is highly restricted, this is a industry that will stay in the USA especialy in the national defense side.

Airline and Commercial Pilots
Operation and navigation of all commercial aircraft transporting people and cargo through out the world. Job involves everything from charter flights, rescue, aerial research to crop dusting.

Jod Workload
For some it becomes a hobby they utterly enjoy. Most pilots though keep heavy schedules and travel a considerable time from home.

Airline or Commercial Pilot Requirements
Most commercial industry pilots have military flight backgrounds. Some do come with bachelor degree from a civil flight school. All pilots who transport passengers or cargo must posses a commercial pilot license.

Annual wages of airline pilots, copilots, and flight engineers were around $100k in 2017.

Employment Expectation
An 11% growth from now into 2020 where low cost airlines will produce the best opportunities but major airlines pilots will face competition.

Aircraft and Avionics Equipment Mechanics and Technicians
Repair and maintenance on airplanes with scheduled or required FAA inspections.

Job Workload
A physicaly demanding work around loud engines in airport hangars or open airfields. This job requires one to bend or stoop frequently. To meet FAA inspections or scheduled repairs most mechanisc work full time with weekends and overtime.

Aircraft and Avionics Equipment Mechanic or Technician Requirements
Must be certified by the FAA. Most mechanics learn their trade at an FAA-Approved Aviation Maintenance Technician School earning Airframe and Powerplant license.

Annual wage of aircraft mechanics and service technicians was $53K.

Employment Expectation
As brand new aircraft is starting to replace the aging commercial airplane fleets, this industry will keep growing well into 2020.

Best place to work with A&P license right now is in the new factory of Boeing 3455 Airframe Drive North Charleston, SC 29418 (843) 789-8000, they are retraining their workforce to maintain the brand new line of aircraft coming online.


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