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Accounting Job Profile for the Next Decade.

Accountants prepare and investigate financial records for accuracy and that all fedral, state and county taxes are paid properly and in timely fashion. Accountants assess financial workflow to ensure business efficiency.

Job Workload
Most accountants and tax auditors work more then 40 hours per week. About half of accountants travel for face to face appointments with their clients. 50% of the accounting job workload is in the first three months and the last three months of the year.

Accountant Requirements
Minimum of a bachelor degree and special field of expertise accounting certification such as Certified Public Accountants (CPA) will greatly increase accounting job prospects and future accounting work prospects.

Accountants basic yearly pay was $62K in 2017.

Employment Opportunity
Accounting jobs are expected to grow 16 percent by 2020. As tax laws change a new demand for careful financial preparation will increase due to fiscal troubles and more tightened accounting regulations.

Upcoming Accounting Related Careers For Next Decade.

Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Auditing Clerk
The clerks job is mainly to record, update and check financial statements combined with financial records accuracy verification and record production.
Education & Pay
High school diploma or GED, $34K

Budget Analyst
Helping public and private corporations organize their company finances. Report preparation and monitoring of corporate spending.
Education Requirement & Compensation
Bachelor degree, $68K

Cost Estimator
Compilation and analyzation of time, resources and money while estimating required labor for manufacturing, servicing and construction production. Industry or product specialization.
Education Requirement & Compensation
Bachelor degree, $58K

Financial Analyst
Guiding individual customers or businesses to making sound financial investment descisions. Detailed analization of stocks and bond performance.
Education Requirement & Compensation
Bachelor degree, $74K

Financial Examiner
Making sure institutional transactions are in lawful compliance by checking loans for levels of risk, banking management and orderly balance sheets.
Education Requirement & Compensation
Bachelor degree, $75K

Financial Manager
They carry a heavy responsibility for maintaining corporate financial health, while compiling reports financial investment activity of an organization and strategic planning of long term financial goals of an organization.
Education Requirement & Compensation
Bachelor degree, $104K

Management Analyst
Mainly a consultation job striving to improve corporate financial health and advice on how to improve profitability through reduction of costs.
Education Requirement & Compensation
Bachelor degree, $78K

Personal Financial Advisor
Tax, insurance and financial investment education advice to common folk.
Education Requirement & Compensation
Bachelor degree, $65K

Post Secondary Teacher
Student instruction in many vocational and academic subjects slightly higher then basic high school level. Some also get involved with scholar paper and book publishing.
Education Requirement & Compensation
Doctoral or Professional Degree, $62K

Tax Examiner and Collector, and Revenue Agent
Basicaly one becomes a government employee reviewing tax returns, auditing citizens and corporations, tax owed indentification and the proper collection of overdue taxes.
Education Requirement & Compensation
Bachelor degree, $49K

Top Executive
A position requiring one to employ sound policies and strategies for a corporation to meet it's goals. Coordination and planning corporate operations. Setting the direction for company success.
Education Requirement & Compensation
$100K +


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